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04 February 2014


Subject: Call to Service


Blessings Silent Knights,


We are having wonderful success in our local area and I wish to share this with all who visit this site in order to inspire you to take up this project.


Three months ago we started having monthly meetings with Silent Knights in our community. The meetings are hosted in the homes of our SKs and are limited to an hour in length; however, between coffee, cookies, and the gathering of like minded folks, the evenings tend to last beyond the “formal” meeting time. New friendships have been established.


During the meetings, we nominate needy individuals to receive assistance and donate into a hat (not knowing what each SK has given) to meet those specific needs. We also identify a non-Silent Knight to deliver the gift with a SK card. The choice of the courier is made so that we might attract that person into our group. We have now provided anonymous service to close to a dozen individuals and our group has doubled in size. By growing the size of our group, our ability to meet greater needs in the community has significantly increased.


We are attracting people that are knowledgeable of the needs of our community and that have the heart to do something about it. All participants are, as always, anonymous and look forward to attracting new members. As we expand, we will break into more groups and extend our reach to other communities.


Supplies of lapel pins and cards are available, so let us know if you need to stock up (please send your orders to Mo at silentknighttwo@aol.com). Fortunately, we have had to replenish this stock as the SK movement is continuing to expand. We love it!


God bless you as you consider this program as a way to increase and inspire Silent Knight community service.


Craig and Mo



Craig L. Carlson

Colonel (Ret.), GCTJ, GMTJ, KSG

Director, SILENT KNIGHT Programs





From the foreword...


"Through the SILENT KNIGHT program, we can, in fact, make ours a better society and this planet a better world."

RADM James J. Carey



SILENT KNIGHT is the story of one man's effort to make a difference in his community. It is a story of love, compassion, mentoring and dignity. The author weaves a delicate message of service to others with a beautiful love story that captures your heart. You will cry, laugh and wonder at the simplicity and beauty of the SILENT KNIGHT. It is a story for all ages.


SILENT KNIGHT is the first book in a trilogy centered on the life and legacy of Sir Donald Wilhelm Peterson, a fictitious retired Army colonel and Knight Templar. SILENT KNIGHT is a mixture of fact and fiction... the charity is real and many elements of the story have been derived from the author's experiences and persons he has known.


Perhaps you can become a SILENT KNIGHT. If you have the desire, passion, caring soul, respect and dignity of character represented by this story, you too can make a difference. Read this book and ask yourself, "WHY NOT?"


Click here for free SILENT KNIGHT manuals:

Manuals in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).


In Honor of all the Silent Knights across the many lands of man.




Chivalry did not die with the good knights of old, For among us today walks those new Knights, with hearts of hidden gold.


Armor clad they need not be, nor, many does one ever see, but their presence across all the lands of man will be known through their noble but humble acts and charitable deeds.


History may have dealt them a near fatal blow, but from just a surviving few, grew a revival of their honored Order, into a new world of the neediest of mankind.


Now these Brothers and Sisters of the cross of Christ, seek to carry upon their shoulders the new burden of His cross and that of the neediest of His Lands.


They seek not accolades for their good deeds, finding solace in the knowledge of their sacrifice and a job well done, glorifies only the Lords name.


Seek not these Silent Knights of the Lords cross to stand out from the common man, for each day these Knights walk among you, seeking those to help have a better day.


Through sometimes but a single act or deed, they help one and often many in need, Their sacrifice to help the Lords many is their chosen chivalrous way.


They are the Silent Knights of Christ and you may, when in need one day you may hear one say, In but our Lord's name alone be given the glory of our intervention on this His and your most glorious day.



Yours in Service,

Chev. Raymond L.Morehead KTJ, FSA Scot.



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